Dramatherapy for Emotional, Behavioural and Social Disorders

Dramatherapy has many benefits for clients with Emotional, Behavioural and Social Disorders (EBSD).

Boys yelling in a circle

Dramatherapy provides a highly structured yet creative session which is not only client-centred but client-led. It allows for the appropriate expression of emotions and thoughts that might be difficult for the client. Dramatherapy is action based using the whole personality, body and voice. Using movement, play and drama the client is able to utilise their imagination and have a creative outlet in order to work through previous problems or unresolved emotions as well as difficulties the clients are experiencing at present. It is a private and confidential space which aims to give the client consistency and promotes trust in order for them to experiment with different ways of being and behaviour. This provides a space for the client which is a time specifically for them and enables them if necessary to express things that might be difficult in other contexts.

Using Sherbourne's developmental movement, and play (a natural form of expression for children), Dramatherapy is able to support clients in exploring different developmental stages and exploring relationships with the Dramatherapist. The play elements of Dramatherapy are not only useful developmentally but are also fun, which promotes self-esteem and allows confidence to grow in the clients. In building a relationship with the Dramatherapist or with the other clients in a group setting, the client may transfer their experiences to the rest of their life. In building relationships with others in a therapeutic space the client is able to work with self-expression, communication, and trust in a supportive environment.

The use of movement and touch aids clients with physical mastery, a sense of themselves in their environment, and promotes interaction with others.

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