Dramatherapy for Pregnancy and New Mothers

Dramatherapy can offer many benefits for women during pregnancy and early motherhood.

Mother and baby

"In a sense, a mother has to be born psychologically much as her baby is born physically. What a woman gives birth to in her mind is not a new human being, but a new identity: the sense of being a mother."
Daniel Stern (Author)

Many of the emotions which are experienced during pregnancy have their roots in a woman's own unconscious experiences of infancy and as such may be difficult to understand or to express verbally. Dramatherapy provides a bridge to this unconscious material, allowing this to be explored creatively within the sessions. Myth and stories can provide creative distance as well as a strong container for powerful emotions. Movement is useful in allowing women to explore their changing relationship to their body and their sense of self.

Dramatherapy can be a useful tool in exploring the mother/baby relationship once the child is born, with the focus on non verbal communication making it especially suited to this early stage in human development. Where the mother and child are experiencing difficulties in their relationship Dramatherapy can provide a space not only for the mother to explore her own feelings but also encourage her to enter into a creative space with her child. For instance, sessions may involve tactile play, sound play, movement and relaxation exercises.

The group aspect of Dramatherapy can provide a valuable support during pregnancy and early motherhood, especially where families may live far away and not be on hand to provide the physical or emotional support required. This can also help combat feelings of isolation and loss of identity which many women experience following the birth of a child. Similarly one-to-one work can help provide a safe and containing environment in which both the mother and the child can experience support.

Dramatherapy can also provide support for other difficult issues connected to motherhood and female identity, such as infertility, abortion, miscarriage, and infant mortality.

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