Fixing a hole

"Myself and the patients really enjoyed the groups on the ward. The patients have fedback to me how they looked forward to your groups and how impressed they were with your obvious passion towards the subject!

From my point of view I found the groups really beneficial for older adults as it provided them with a contrasting environment that enabled them to express their emotions through dramatic activities, which they otherwise weren’t provided with before!

I was also pleased with the different forms of activities that can be incorporated into the sessions which cater for individual needs."
(Older adult clients with mental health conditions)

"The experience was very beneficial for the patients (and staff!) and it was a pleasure to have had you on the ward."
(Older adult clients with mental health conditions)

"I found Louise to be a confident, positive, and caring person with a good understanding for everyone's individual needs. I felt that the clients enjoyed Louise supporting in the group. They have all commented on how much they have enjoyed acting out the stories. They also said that they liked the use of the materials that Louise uses, i.e. musical instruments and fabric.

Louise has built a great rapport with me and the clients, by understanding their needs and adapting each story to every client's individual needs."
(Day centre for adults with a learning disability)

"Louise led a 10 week project at our centre for adults with learning disabilities. All the service users took to her style of leading, they did not seem to go through a transition phase as the work was engaging and beneficial on lots of levels. Each service user participated on their own level of ability and was encouraged to develop their experience as far as they felt comfortable to do so. This approach worked really well and for some there were successful outcomes in relation to certain issues and for others the success was in the process of engaging and remaining with the group for the duration of the activity without excusing themselves and going off to do something else.

I would highly recommend Louise as a drama therapist to anyone regardless of their abilities as her approach is respectful, professional, thoughtful and engaging."
(Day centre for adults with a learning disability)