The Sesame Approach

The Sesame Institute

The Sesame approach to Drama and Movement therapy is a specific approach to Dramatherapy which is influenced by of a set of practitioners:

The Sesame approach comprises of 4 core strands: drama, movement, myth, and movement with touch and sound.

  • Drama is influenced by Slade and other drama and theatre practitioners.
  • Movement is influenced by Laban movement analysis.
  • Myth is influenced by Jung and Campbell.
  • Movement with touch and sound is influenced by Lindkvist and is a therapeutic intervention which is a type of intensive interaction with clients.

The Sesame approach is a non-verbal, non-direct psychotherapy using the art forms of drama and movement. Each of the strands can be used in combination by a qualified Dramatherapist to tailor-make sessions for a range of clients.

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